Monday, March 05, 2007

I was gonna just straight up steal Ami's and Joel's ideas and post my version of DC's superheroes, and i may yet do that, but then i decided i'd talk about what i'd do if i was the boss of DC Comics. I'm sure other people have done this before, but i don't know who they are, so i can't tell you from whom i'm stealing. (For the record, my version of the DCU would involve two main parallel worlds, one anchored by Superman, the other by Captain Marvel.)

1. More Than One Continuity - I'd put characters into worlds that suited them. If Plastic Man is too light-hearted to really work in the sme world as the darker Batman, then there's no good reason to force them together. And if there was a good alternate take on Superman or whoever that wouldn't fit into the normal line, i'd go with it anyway. For example, that Wonder Woman project that was proposed a while back, that was drawn in the Japanese "girls' comics" style, that DC turned down: I would have jumped at that opportunity.

2. A Non-Boutique Line of Books - Let's face it. The comics made for the direct market are made for a niche market of connoisseurs. I, and fans like me, dig them, but they don't suit a lot of people in the broader marketplace. If i were the boss of DC, i'd produce a line of comics designed for the casual reader. They'd take the form of magazines--a hundred or so pages on cheaper paper--and collections. I'd do a lot of research into what sells at B&N and Borders and such, and tailor the content to grab that audience. I'd be kind of mercenary about it; what sells is what would get published. The point is to get comics out to a wider audience again, and every other consideration would go by the wayside. The comics produced for the direct market would still cater to the connoisseur, but these comics would cater to the casual reader.

3. Stuff Would Be On-Time - When you solicit a comic as a monthly periodical, it should come out every month. No further explaination should be necessary.

Okay, that's enough for now. I know it's pretty general, but what do you think?