Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What the Hell Con 2008

Friday night and all day Saturday i spent at What The Hell Con '08, hosted by Guilford College's Yachting Club. As those names would suggest, it's a rather wacky con, which is all good.

I spent part of my time there volunteering at my LCS's table in the dealers' room. There was a dad and a couple of small kids who were fun to talk to. The kids were so psyched to recognize characters they'd seen on TV. It's always great to see kids get excited about something that you liked as a kid. I also got to play a game of HeroClix with a guy who's a real enthusiast for the game. That was fun. It had been a long time since i'd played HC.

On Friday night they showed "Night of the Living Dead" on a big screen in the auditorium. A friend and i remarked on how much that movie nailed the zombie genre. They got everything right, and it established so much of what had been developed in later zombie stories. It's not like the movie just set a mood or a few conventions that were later improved. It's more like all the zombie stuff that has come out since that movie has been variations and extensions on the themes it set forth.

Later that night i watched more movies (it had been a long work week) in the Bad Movie Room. "The Patriot" fit that bill too well.

Saturday i worked at the LCS's table and played that game of HeroClix. I also spent some more time in Artists' Alley. More artists had set up, and more friends were there. This is where i spent my con money. (It's ramen noodles for supper this week!) I got a deck of cards from The Devil's Panties artist Jennie Breeden. (Hopefully she'll be at StellarCon too so i can buy one of her comic collections, too.) We plan to use that in our Savage Worlds game. I also got a print from Kel McDonald, the force behind Sorcery 101. I got some other things, which i'll try to review in a reasonable amount of time.

We played a game of Monsters Menance America that afternoon. That's a fun game. The folks at the table next to us were playing Red Neck Life, and that sounded like a hoot. I really want to play that game! Saturday was fun because a lot of friends showed up and i got to talk to them and hang out. We had lunch at Jam's Deli across the street.

That night was the Geek Auction. It wasn't as wild as previous years, but was still rather outre. This is where geek guys auction off their first dance at the shindig that closes out Saturday night. The money goes to charity. The guys try to be funny or sexy, and the girls in the audience really egg them on. The biggest bids went to a guy who was dressed as a gothy/s&m-ish girl and two guys who did a yaoi Harry Potter/Malfoy act.

Unfortunately i had to work some on Sunday so i didn't go back that day. Maybe next year. It was a fun con.

The next con around here is StellarCon in March. It's less wacky, but there's a bigger crowd, more gaming, and some literary guests. That one should be fun, too.