Monday, December 18, 2006

This Week's Comics

I just went to Diamond's website and copied the shipping list for this Wednesday ( Here's the stuff that's on my list, and then a couple of maybes. This is a big comics week for me.

PREVIEWS VOL XVII #1 - Man, it feels like these things come out more often than monthly! I'd like to do a post after I go through this about things I'd like to get.
CONAN #35 - This might be the last one for me. See the last post.
52 WEEK #33 - I'm anxious to see what happens with the Question & Montoya, the space heroes, the Black Marvel Family...
AQUAMAN SWORD OF ATLANTIS #47 - Now that I know this book is getting a new creative team (and presumably a new direction), I'm just hoping that they explore some of the more interesting (to me) parts before the switch.
BIRDS OF PREY #101 - How is the new team of Birds going to gel? Should be cool.
CATWOMAN #62 - I love Selina and Holly.
AGE OF BRONZE #24 - If you don't know this one, at least look through it in the store. It's a retelling of the Illiad, with amazing art that's archaeologically accurate. I'm an archaeology buff, so I dig that.
SHE-HULK 2 #14 - Last issue for me, barring something unexpected; see last post.
THUNDERBOLTS #109 - I've loved this book, but I think this is also the last issue for me, since I'm not interested in the new direction that starts next issue. (Am I right about that?)
LONE RANGER #3 - This is a strong book. I loved the TV show when I was a kid (reruns), and this is a good update. Some of the (offpage) violence goes too far for me, though.
ION #9 (OF 12) - I think this is the issue with the Tandem Universe characters on the cover. If it is, I want to read it so I can see if those characters are now in the DCU. Or, if some form of the multiverse is back. Here's hoping it is.
NEW AVENGERS ILLUMINATI #1 (OF 5) - Normally I wouldn't be interested in this, but the preview pages I saw online yesterday were very cool. I want to see Blackbolt smackdown that Skrull emporer.
ACTION PHILOSOPHERS VOL 2 GIANT SIZED THING TP $8.95 - This may collect issues I already have; have to see it to know for sure. This is a fantastic book; very fun and informative.