Monday, December 18, 2006

February Comics

Alright, although the new issue of Previews comes out this week, here's an overview of the last one, which solicits comics scheduled to come out in February.

Knights of the Old Republic - I want to find a Star Wars comic that I can like. Issue 10 of this one was fun, so this is a potential addition to my list.

Empowered - Look at some of the previews of Adam Warren's pencils for this. They look awesome. Looks like it's more overly "sexy" than most stuff I read, but it's in humor.

Detective Comics 828
Batman 663
Catwoman 64
52 Weeks 40-43
Atom 8
Aquaman 49

Blue Beetle 12 - I really like this character, although I generally dislike "passing the mantle".

Birds of Prey 103
Checkmate 11

Brave & the Bold 1 - Batman/Green Lantern would not be my first choice for a new team-up book. Waid, Perez & Wiacek sell it to me, though.

Firestorm 33 - It's about time we see the New Gods again! And maybe this will explain how their "Seven Soldiers" incarnations fit in the DCU's normal history?

Green Lantern Corps 9

Justice League of America 6 - Great cover by Hughes. They need to explain why Dinah doesn't have time to be in the Birds of Prey, but does have time to be in the JLA???

Justice Society of America 3

JSA Classified 23 - Another arc staring Dr. Midnight? Fine by me, just surprising.

Manhunter 28 - Giving this one a try; liked #26; could be some very cool confrontation between Manhunter and Batman.

Mystery In Space 6 - This has been a great mini-series. I hope they do another one with the same creative team, maybe adding a couple more of the space characters.

Spirit 3 - The crossover special with Batman was so much fun.

Shadowpact 10

Shazam & the Monster Society of Evil 1 - You just know this is going to be great. It might be better to wait for the collection, though.

Crossing Midnight 4 - #1 was cool. I don't think that the solicit copy gives a good sense of the book. Look up the preview pages for #1 and tell me what you think.

Fables 58
Jack of Fables 8

Blue Beetle Companion - I would like to read this. We'll see if I can make it fit my budget. At least it should stay in print for a while.

Utopiates 3 - I like what I've seen online of this book, but I haven't seen #1 in the store yet.

Lone Ranger 6

Action Philosophers 8

Weird Science Archive 1 - This is another one that I'd really like to have, but can't get right now.

Books With Pictures 1 - There's not a lot of info about this one, but for some reason it seems cool.

Just an aside: Is that Sarah Michelle Gellar on the cover of DMZ #16?