Sunday, April 13, 2008

Week of April 9th Short Reviews

Wonder Woman #19

Pretty durn good. I'm not familiar with this Bernard Chang, but he's really good. I like how he gets more crosshatchy on the Green Lantern in this issue; tells me this guy is more ragged than your average big-eyed blue alien. Not sure about Wonder Woman's decision at the end re: the Khund princess; a lot of potential bad there. And if i read this right, it's now kinda WW's job to pacify the Khunds?

Green Lantern Corps #23

I said this one was on the bubble for me, and this issue keeps it on my list at least another month. Mongul's monologues are boring, but his machinations are interesting. The assembling of the "team" took a bit too long. Did the Guy Gardner gag need a whole page? I love Stel. There is something about a partially disassembled, sentient, 1950s-looking robot that appeals directly to the little fanboy in me. Nice MST3K reference, too. I like all the characters on this mission. These are the folks i want to see in this book, and the types of adventures. (Kyle Raynor i could take or leave.) Gleason's art is great as always. I like his alien people & tech designs.

Justice Society of America #14

This was superhero slugfest goodness. It was deftly done. It's a simple, classic way to structure a superbrawl: hey reader, here's all these characters you like, here's a bit of interaction to remind you why you like them so much. wait, what's that? oh shit, some big dude's beating them up! they have to rally against this big guy, and several of the good guys get their individual bad-ass moments. Good stuff. My only real criticism is that they spent four pages explaining that Gog ain't the same guy blowing hearts out of folks in Countdown & Pissing on Jack Kirby's Legacy, i mean, Death of the New Gods. saying "that's the only way to kill a god" was a neat and effective way of explaining the coincidence.

This was a DC-heavy week for me; three DCs, one DC imprint, and an Image.