Sunday, September 09, 2007

I found this "shopping list" when cleaning out some old papers.

Shipping May 5, 2004

Negation War #2 - ah, this was near the end for Crossgen. A lot of stories were pushed towards their conclusions early, like this one.
DC 100 Page Super Spectacular World's Greatest Super Heroes - this one was reprints, and good, from what i remember
Detective Comics #794
Firestorm #1 - it was good while it lasted
Soulsearchers #65 - this was one of those series i wanted to try for a long time. i'm not sure if i bought this particular issue or not. when i did finally read it, i didn't like it much
Complete Peanuts Vol. 1, 1950-1952 - i still haven't finished this one.

Shipping May 12
Fables #25 - so "Fables" started in 2002, then. that's five years of being one of the best comics on the stands. the first volume of the collected edition is still a top seller.
JLA #98 - was this the clairmont/byrne story? or the busiek story with qward and the csa?
JSA #61 - this is another one that's been consistently good for years.
Blue Monday Painted Moon #1 - afaik, this is the last 'blue monday' series that has come out. what is chynna clugston doing now?
Aquaman #18 - this was during the sub diego arc, which i liked.
Batman Legends of the Dark Knight #179 - pretty sure i didn't buy this one.
Hero #16 - might not have bought this one

Monolith #4 - didn't buy
Nightwing #93 - probably didn't buy