Thursday, May 24, 2007

Classic Cover

Here's one of my all-time favorite covers. I fondly remember picking this one up from the magazine rack at the Snak Pak, a convenience store down the road from our house. (They had also had some good baked potatoes there, and that weird Pleiades video game.) The great Walt Simonson drew this one. It blew my elementary-school mind because the logo was incorporated into the scene, and it wasn't even at the top of the page! Notice how Bats' and the Joker's figures, and the logo, make a roughly circular form that always draws your eye to the characters in conflict. And the carved face that's partly covered by Batman's foot has it's mouth open, like it's yelling, "git yer foot outta my eye!"

I was tired tonight, so i just went to the grocery store then vegged out in front of the tv. So You Think You Can Dance is mildly funny, but probably only when you're tired. The other show about wanting to be a director was interesting. Too bad the girl from NC got kicked off, but she shouldn't have trusted that guy to be the director of photography (why isn't it director of filmography?) -- she should have done it herself. And it's amazing that that one guy did all that special effects work basically overnight.

Oh, i also watched the first episode of The Lost Room, which was cool. It didn't seem quite as grrreat as i'd heard, but it was only the first episode. The key that opens doors to anywhere is one of the best ideas ever. As soon as they showed the guy stepping through a door in a hotel room and out of a door in Tahiti, i wanted from the depths of my soul to have that key. As someone who's only real recurring dream is of escaping from various confining places, that is my dream magic item. The show also proves that urban fantasy can work well on tv.

I wish they'd established a better sense of place. IIRC they never mentioned where this was taking place. It was Anytown, USA or English-Speaking-Canada.