Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Music

I heard a couple of cool songs from a band called the Dollyrots on the Plan Nine Rock Show. There are several clips on YouTube. Some of the live clips have pretty cruddy audio, but the music videos sound good (you know, by YT standards). I've only heard a few songs, but they've made a good impression on me. They have an energetic, 3-chord rock sound, with enough bounce to be fun and enough grit not to be silly (in a bad way). And they're on Joan Jett's Blackheart Records, which speaks well of them, dontcha think?

It's been a long time since i really "followed" music, and now that all the record shops are gone, i'm not sure how to find new stuff. Yeah, there's Amazon, but it ain't the same.

Anyway, listen to their songs called "Because I'm Awesome" and tell me if you think they're as cool as I do.

And check out the Plan Nine Rock Show. It's a (weekly?) podcast out of Michigan that plays a lot of straight-ahead, punk-ish rock n roll. There's some cussin', so it ain't safe for work.