Sunday, February 11, 2007

What The Hell Con at Guilford College

It was this weekend. I went on Saturday and met some friends there. We mostly played games, which was fun. I got play the Nintendo Wii. That "wii-mote" controller takes some getting used to, but i like it. This girl beat me in the boxing game, twice.

We also played this game called "Horror Mall", which is about trying to survive in a zombie-infested mall. The manual was translated from French, and some of the translation choices were pretty funny. Then we played Puerto Rico, about building colonies in the old colonial times, and it was very cool, too, but they shut down the room before we finished.

We were gonna stay for the Geek Auction, b/c a friend of ours was gonna put himself up for sale, but it turned out he hadn't signed up in time. Too bad, b/c we were gonna heckle the hell out of him.

There was a small dealers' room. Acme Comics had a table in there with quarter books. So i had to buy some, but i did good, only buying four. They were four goods ones, too: Crisis on Infinite Earths #5 (1985); Space Adventures #9 (1978) this one reprints the first appearance of Captain Atom, with art by the great Steve Ditko; and two color reprints of old EC titles, Weird Science-Fantasy #2 & #3.

I also got some comics from the artists' room. Jennie Breeden was there selling the print versions of her webcomic, The Devil's Panties (as her business card says, "It's not Satanic porn, honest!") so i got #8 of that, and #0-3 of Gravy Boy, by locals Marty Blevins and Brian Shearer. Then there was a free one from, with samples from several comics they publish. I'll try to get reviews of all these blogged in the next few days.

All in all it was a fun con. It's small and very casual. It was great having friends plan to meet up there. There are always some folks i at least sort of know at these things, but i don't feel comfortable just glomming onto them. Hopefully we'll all get to go to Stellarcon in High Point next month.