Sunday, January 07, 2007

Alright. I hope to get a fair amount of stuff written this afternoon. This blog thing got off track when, at Christmas, I had to make an unscheduled interstate trip, and while there, caught some kind of bug that has kept my sinuses packed with snot and me feeling really bad. Sinus problems are weird. They seem to impair the ability to think properly, or at all. I'm still not completely recovered, but I'm close.

I'm going to the grocery store, then I'll talk about some comics and movies and stuff.


Why did I go to the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon? It was really crowded. I have a little bit of what--agoraphobia? That's literally "fear of the marketplace", but it's not the market that I'm scared of, it's a crowded market. Walmart on Saturday afternoon is a nightmare for me. Whatever. Sometimes I want to move to some remote place with square miles of forrest between me and the next human being. Not that I don't like people. I do. Well, I like the ones I know. The others I am often wary of, particularly in numbers.

Checkmate 9
This is getting good! I love the bickering between Sasha and Sarge Steel.
You know that the Thinker is going to gry to take over Checkmate's computer systems. The question is what measures has Mister Terrific taken to counter this? It should be a good battle when it goes down.
Josephine is becoming a fuller character. Check out how, in the strip club, when that guy tries to grab her ass, she casually throws him off his stool. Then, in the Oblivion Bar, she's freaked out by that purple guy eyeing her. That's both funny and illustratitive of how strange and threatening--to normal folks--the Oblivion Bar is. Great story telling from the penciller there, too.
That was a a pretty wild plan to get Lucas back into the Kobra cell. It's the sort of plan tha tcould only happen in a superheroic espionage book.
Now, will Burke tell Kobra what he's seen, or use the info to blackmail Checkmate? Did Detective Chimp sense him? And shame on the DEO and Checkmate for not having some kind of detector around to spot him!